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Custom Mirror & Glass Services In Somerset County, NJ

custom glass njEvery beautiful home in Somerset County has its fair share of mirrors. A mirror that is structured in the right position adds quite a bit to any room. In most cases mirrors can give a glimmering, exciting, and upbeat sensation to the rooms they decorate. The most important aspect of mirror placement is maximizing its ability to highlight the already great aspects of the room itself.

One of the most common ways to use a mirror is by hanging it directly between two windows. This has an effect on the human eye that makes it feel like a third window is present. It also reflects the light from the windows back onto the opposite side.

In some cases people in Somerset County will choose to frame there mirrors as well. It’s been said that wood frames go exquisitely with kitchen mirrors. The kitchen is traditionally the room that has the highest symbolism associated with family, having a mirror present is an excellent for the family to reflect on this experience.

Types of Glass

When you decide to install windows, storefront glass, or even mirrors there are many different types of glass to choose from in Somerset County.

Beveled Glass is usually used in combination with mirrors and windows. This is because it creates an angular effect that is contingent on the size of the glass. The resulting appearance is a prism like style that can be outfitted with many different degrees of color, texture, or fineness. This option is extremely popular in Somerset County.

Back Painted Glass is often considered one of the most attractive forms. This is due to the rear side of the glass being coated in a specific color or colors of paint. When light meets the glass it aluminates directly through the colored end onto the front.

Bullet Proof Glass is often a combination of several materials to make an extremely durable piece of glass. In many cases “glass” is not even an ingredient in the final product. Plastic tends to be the most commonly used choice ironically. However, in some cases bullet proof glass is made as a bond between differently strengthened glasses. Many car windshields are made of glasses similar to this. The first layer is made to be soft so that it breaks upon impact; meanwhile the second layer is durable enough that it traps the bullet or impact in its path. In Somerset County this is not an uncommon option.

Colored Glass is typically crafted by adding additional materials to original batch of sand for the glass. Iron, Sulfur, Salts, and Gold Chloride are used commonly.

Curved Glass starts out as sheet glass that absorbs Ultra violet rays. The rays help to find any inconsistencies in the glass prior to the bending process. Steel is used as a template to shape the curved glass however the dimensions desire. At this point the glass is coated with a specific chemical that allows it to remain independent of the steel. Following this the glass and steel are heated at temperatures above 650 degrees Celsius to naturally mold the glass.

Etched Glass begins as a normal sheet until acid, and carving tools are used to inscribe designs, patterns, and pictures. When it is complete the glass typically has a whitish appearance. This is often used as a method to create unique glass designs in Somerset County.

In the end, this is simply the tip of the iceberg for different types of glass. If you are looking for a glass installation, repair, or replacement we urge you use the experts in Somerset County today.

Types of Mirrors

custom mirrors njThere are many various types of mirrors available in Somerset County. Typically mirrors are crafted from plate glass, with a metal coating. The coating is specifically what allows the plate glass to cast a reflection. Many mirrors are made through different means, out of different materials, and as such allow for different uses.

Plane Mirrors are always flat, and reflect more accurate images than other mirrors. In terms of accuracy this refers to the size of the object being reflected. Prior to the modern day plane glass was often made with copper, or brass.

Spherical Mirrors are typically concave, convex, or converging. This means the glass is always structured inward comparable to a spoon. After the glass is curved it is coated which creates the illusion of larger images. The opposite is true for the convex mirrors that are facing outward. This outward edge creates a wide view, and as such a smaller image is observed.

Two way Mirrors are interesting because they are slightly see through with coating material on a single side. Images and light are reflected off of the coated end of the mirror and are trapped in between the coated section and the dark section. This creates a mirror that works one way but not the other.

Silver Mirrors have a very slight layer of silver coated on top of the glass. This is because as a metal silver has such a high amount of reflective ability. The reflection works with all intensities of light and as such can cast much more beautiful quality images compared to other mirrors.

Mirror Installations In Somerset County, NJ

Mirror installation is a versatile task, depending on the size and placement of the mirror the difficulty of the task can be appropriately determined in Somerset County. In most cases of smaller mirrors they will be hung up on brackets, clips, or wires. In some cases they will be directly attached to a vanity, dresser, or other piece of furniture. However, in some cases such as entire wall scaling mirrors it is important to have professional help. Mirrors are naturally elegant additions to any home. They are considered very fragile and can be cracked, and even shattered with ease.  This is why it is extremely important to hire a professional when installing a sizeable mirror in Somerset County.

Mirror Repair and Re-silvering In Somerset County, NJ

Is your mirror cracked, shattered, bruised, stained, or suffering from a broken frame? Mirrors that have any of these problems may be in need of a re-coating. Mirrors that suffer from this problem will display inaccurate images, as well reflect light poorly

A Mirror is essentially a section of silver coated glass and paint. It’s important to remember that the silver is an actual layer of metal and not paint. Prior to the re-silvering process the frame must be taken off of the mirror. The rule of thumb is that any cut or scratch that can be felt with your finger requires a machine for re-polishing. During the re-silvering a spacious, level workspace is necessary in order to balance/support the glass. It is now that recoating, stripping, sanitizing, and re-silvering will take place.

This practice is not recommended for beginners, and should only be practiced by experts in Somerset County.

Mirror Replacement In Somerset County, NJ

In order to begin your Mirror Replacement in Somerset County, you must first decide if you are replacing it with a new type or the same type. If your mirror is small than the rest is a virtual no brainer. However, if you have a large mirror or antique mirror in need of replacement you may wish to seek expert assistance. Mirrors are extremely fragile and can damage there coating with relative ease.